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  Great Elevator has always insisted independent R & D brand roads, R & D and engineering team has more than 100 professionals, the company's service information center, remote monitoring systems ( remote monitoring equipment has been installed ) to run the elevator remote monitoring , fault analysis through remote operation functions surveillance to ensure that our customers safe and secure ride lofty elevator, 24 hours , 365 days of uninterrupted work . Elevator establish ambitious five-party supervision , mutual backup , constitute multiple security system. 3 m / s , 1600KG high-speed elevators "national high-tech innovation ," the title .

Great Elevator relying on a strong R & D capabilities , product range , with residential elevators , commercial elevators, ultra high-speed elevators, machine room less elevator , home elevator, sightseeing elevator, large tonnage lifts, and car elevator, medical elevator , retrofitting old buildings elevator so the whole family .

Great Elevator stable quality and high cost to get wide acclaim from customers , product marketing not only covers the whole country , but far and Southeast Asia, the Middle East, India , South America, Africa and other overseas markets. Currently, the company has been in the country more than 20 provinces and autonomous regions have established branches in many countries to establish a sales and service network .

Great Elevator In recent years, the growing influence of the brand lofty elevator , one after another , and Foxconn, Yili Group , Guangxi Public Security Bureau , Huayang Group , Huizhou Jing-mao real estate, Hani real estate, real estate in Bo , San Mao Group, Shenzhen Hanford real estate, and many other domestic foreign well-known enterprises to establish a long-term strategic alliance.

Great Elevator create hundred brands , establish service reputation. Great Elevator has built 400 call center and the remote monitoring system, with nearly a thousand professionals , providing customers with 7 × 24 hours around the clock , to promote the company brand from manufacturing to service transformation and upgrading. The company advocates "urban carrying solution" , introduced a team of experts with the client "side by side" service concept , the implementation of construction investment assessments and their delivery systems , elevators configuration , civil engineering , elevator installation , repair and maintenance and updates, remote monitoring elevator operation modular operation to optimize the overall cost of the greatest value to customers .

Great Elevator learn the advanced management experience , has passed the ISO9001 quality management system , ISO14001 environmental management system , OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification. Forge ahead with ambitious people management to be effective , numerous orders at harvest , but also gain the community 's rave reviews , the company has access to high technology innovation products "," China Famous Brand " , " China's environmental green products "," the first batch of quality AAAAA grade credit enterprise "," China ( elevator industry ) Top Ten Influential Brands "honorary title .

Years of sharpening brand strength brilliance ! Great Elevator Co. unremitting efforts, China will become the best elevator companies !


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