Take Ladder Safety Precautions

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   Take Ladder Safety Precautions 


   First, to see whether the elevator car quality and technology supervision department issued a "safety inspection certificate" signs, do not take the express elevator in the normal state. 


Second, do not exceed the rated load of the elevator ride, do not overload the transportation of goods. 


Third, do not carry flammable, explosive and other items to take the elevator. 


Fourth, the patient should take the elevator and someone accompany children. 


V. play slapstick prohibited in the car, smoking, eating fruits and so on. 


Six, love elevator equipment, not dismantle, destroy elevator components and ancillary facilities, not to the safe operation of the elevator or other crises crisis, the safety of others riding behavior, passenger elevators are not allowed to carry cargo. 


Seven, in an emergency situation, you should remain calm, not completely enclosed structure inside the car,

there is no danger of suffocation. Do Grilled car door, landing door. Please press the emergency call button, call duty room phone and Maintenance emergency phone waiting for rescue. 


Eight fire when an earthquake occurs, do not take the elevator. 

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