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Elevator has now become an important transport community . In modern society, people on the elevator as transport have become accustomed , and increasingly dependent on it . Like any means of transport , like the elevator to the people to save time and energy , but also inevitably bring a certain amount of risk. In order to minimize this risk , over the years people have been carried out to explore the elevator safety , security measures make it even better. Managed to lift a green channel , emphasizing the elevator more comfortable and safer for the production and living standards.

    First, take the elevator What are the risks ?


    1 , when passengers enter through the elevator floor door , this time may be cut due to fall into wells or cause injury to passengers .


    2 , weightlessness passengers ride the elevator in the process, may be due to abnormal increase ( decrease ) rate caused by overweight and impact damage to passengers .


    3 , the elevator is a busy transport their starting and braking , reversing very frequently, up to 120 times per minute ; many operating parts of the elevator, which is to say , the failure of the elevator accident may appear very much, risks can occur at any time .


    Second, how to minimize these risks do ?


    1, master electric shock first aid ; master fire prevention and fire fighting knowledge ; grasp emergency treatment ; grasp rescue trapped passengers when the elevator malfunction and stop the ladder approach .


    2 , when the elevator driving, suddenly out of control , elevator operator must tell passengers to quickly lift the heel , toes support the body weight, squat, hand on the car , rather than taking the car to prevent the occurrence or hit bottom casualties.


    3 , in the conditional , the elevator doors should be installed security alarm systems , installation of communication with the outside elevator , contact device to ensure the safety of passengers is always in space .


    In addition to these management measures , passengers take the elevator in the process also should learn to protect themselves civilized operation safety . For example : After using the call button to summon the elevator , the elevator control system will dispatch a car to call landing . If you do not press the call button and the floor door wide open , you honestly can not keep our noses on the inside forward , we must look carefully admitted footsteps : the front of the car or the abyss ; If you press the call button after landing door is still closed, please be patient , do not kick the door , bang doors , breaking or trying to open the door , do not play slapstick that broke down the door in front of the floor layer . Layer door closed posture tells passengers: Behind it is the well instead of the car . Passengers out of the elevator when action should not be too slow , not a long one foot on the car floor a foot . Put a full body on two space, which means the wise bet on life is no life wisdom , is not afford to lose bet. In case the car moving at this time , the consequences could be disastrous ; addition, the movement was not in the car bounce , do not mess press the button. In the event of an unexpected failure of the elevator suddenly stopped running , off passengers inside the car the safest approach is to not panic , waiting for rescue. Then remind passengers must obey the elevator operator , the fastest means of communication with the inside of the car or mobile phone to find ways to inform the elevator professional maintenance staff came to the rescue . Must not attempt to escape from the elevator car window and into the safety of the hoistway while waiting for rescue, if this time the elevator suddenly run , will bring you great danger .


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